Powerful Compassion

The power of compassion is something that is a beautiful thing to have.  First off, compassion starts with putting yourself in someone elses shoes. It's like you have to know what it feels like to hurt like someone else is hurting.  I have been amazed in my life when someone has unselfishly showed me compassion.  Their beautiful heart shined.

We want to extend a caring heart when we see people hurting, because we know that there is a need there and we have all felt hurt in our lives.  Compassion is a powerful thing to share when it is extended from one person to another.  Never forget the kindness and compassion that someone has extended to you.  

That is the power of compassion.  You have to feel it before you can truly give it. 

We become so much better for having compassion in our hearts and lives.  That helps us become the person God created us to be.

Let's never forget to feel the power of compassion.

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