Mobile Phone Videos Onto Powersharing


How To Upload A Video From A Mobile Phone Directly Onto Powersharing


1.  Join and login

2.  Click on the white bar above your profile photo or else to the 3 small lines on the far right side

3.  Click VIDEOS from the list on the left side

4.  Click on the + icon on the top right

5.  Under the "Upload Videos From Your Computer" it is automatically on "Choose Files."  That is for uploading a video from YouTube, etc.  The key is to tap to the right of it that         says "No File Chosen"

6.  It says "Chose and action"  Tap on Video or depending on your phone, make sure you get to Video mode

7.  Click start on your video and click stop to end it.  It should be a short video, less that 20 seconds or so

8.  Click the blue circle for done

9.  Click "Next"

10. Click "Save and publish"


Congratulations!  You have just created and uploaded a short mobile phone video that did not go through YouTube or any of the others.

Each time you make a mobile phone video short that begins with a bible verse, $1 will be shared with the Salvation Army, up to one per day per Powersharing member.

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