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$1 to Salvation Army Everyday


Each time a member of Powersharing adds content on here, whether a homemade video, blog post or wall post that begins with a Bible verse and shares the power and love of God, Powersharing donates $1 dollar for each post, max one per day for each member.  This means for example, if a Powersharing member added their own post, whether a video, blog or wall post that also shares how the member draws strength from the verse and they do it at least once per day for each day of a 30 day month, then Powersharing will donate $30 to the Salvation Army at the end of that month and give credit to that member if the members allows us to.  

We thank God for the Salvation Army and the wonderful work they have done since their founding in 1865 in London. Their foundation is based on the Bible and the Word of God.  We here at Powersharing want to honor and support this organization.

We thank God for the Sponsors who have supported us in the past and who support us now.

The Word of God is living and active.  We pray for His Word to penetrate our world in any ways possible so that more people will have Jesus and therefore, live in Heaven forever once their bodies pass away.

At Powersharing, we want to support and help those who help others.

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Share God's Power...and win

Share God's power and win.

When you share God's power, good things happen.  What are some of the kinds of power that we are calling God's power?  Love. Prayer.  Bible verses.  Faith.  A desire to help more people accept Jesus and therefore live forever.

Winning includes rewards for work well done, including winning souls for Jesus.

Winning also includes seeking the wisdom of God, His power, His love.

Powersharing is here to see more people share the power of God in their lives.

We pray in the name of Jesus that God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

By seeking God's wisdom, you can have perfect answers in every area of your life. 








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Laugh, Love, Share & Prosper

Welcome to Powersharing!  

This is here to help you, to literally help you laugh more, love more, share more and prosper more.  More is good when it is more of a good thing.

Laughter is the best medicine.  Love is the most powerful for in the universe, as God is love.  Sharing is a supernatural act that is the opposite selfishness.  Properity is having more resources.  

Sponsors are those who believe in what we are doing here at Powersharing and when they sponsor this, one-third of their dollar amount goes to our members whose original content is voted most popular.  A second third goes to a charity such as the Salvation Army.  The remaining one-third stays at Powersharing to help pay the costs of running the site and promoting the Sponsor.

Powersharing's first Sponsor is Pat Salazar.  Her love for and belief in the power of sharing is very powerful and inspirational.

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