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Why Do We Hold Ourselves Back?

Why Do We Hold Ourselves Back?

We can almost say it with certain words and understand why we hold ourselves back:  Intimidation, fear, rejection, low-confidence and other self-inhibiting factors.

Why do we get intimidated and why do we let people do that to us, and most importantly, why do we do that to ourselves?  It actually starts with us. We are the one who makes the decision to be intimidated.  We need to focus on the fact that God gave every individual something special to offer the world.  We need to quit focusing on ourselves and instead, focus on that gift that we can share.

Fear can also take a larger hold on our lives than it should.  When you have faith in God, the power that He gives us begins to manifest in what we do and how we do it.  The fear starts to subside and turns into strength.

Rejection is something that hurts to our inner core.  Sometimes we let it paralyze us.  We need to remind ourselves that the more rejection we get and the more we pick ourselves up off the ground from it, it will build strong character and improve the way you see yourself and how others see you.

Low-confidence is something that we have when we let other people, as well as ourselves dictate to us that we are not worthy.  We also need to remind ourselves that God made us with tremendous love and we need to honor that within ourselves and who we are.

Understanding things like this can help you move more freely and achieve more and you will find yourself with no restraints in heading in a positive, productive direction, which God has always intended for us.

Don't hold yourself back.  Thrust forward.  By the grace of God, you be who He intended you to be.

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